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I Thought My Case Had Been Expunged

I Thought My Case Had Been Expunged

Your employer runs a background check and the background check company comes back saying you committed a crime. You’re thinking “Yes I was arrested but the whole thing was a big mistake and I got it expunged. I was told that it should never come up on any record but when I went to get a job it showed up on a background check. I even have a court order saying it’s been expunged but it’s still showing up. If it hadn’t been on my report I’d have that job today.”

Why do background check companies show expunged matters?

Background check companies often buy the information that they use. Or they buy databases or access to databases. The companies that maintain this data do not always update it. If they do, it is not always updated correctly or quickly. Some companies update it once a year, once every six months, or once every three months. In one case a background check company had a database that was over two years out of date.

Out of date or obsolete information can keep you from getting a job, renting apartment, or qualifying for other opportunities. Did you know that you’ve lost an opportunity because of an inaccurate background check you may have a case against that credit reporting agency against that background check company.

As Accurate as Possible

The law requires background check companies to make their background checks as accurate as possible. If they rely on outdated or inaccurate information in making your background check then their background checks are worthless. A worthless background check that causes you to lose out on a job or other opportunity means the background check company has broken the law.

The worst part about it is that there’s not a lot you can do. Background check companies are not like credit reporting agencies that keep a file for you. A background check company generates a report when an employer buys one. With out of date information, like a crime that was expunged, can still show up. There are steps you can take if you’ve lost a job or other opportunity. But you can’t take those steps until you learn the information on a background check is bad. By then its usually too late to save a job.

If you thought you’d had a matter expunged but its still showing up in a background check then download my free report at backgroundchecksecrets.com. You’ll learn the five secrets the background check industry does not want you to know, how you can move forward with correcting your background check, and how to get compensated for the opportunity you lost.

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Over the years my office has helped thousands of consumers who were cheated, ripped-off, and mistreated by debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, banks, credit unions, and car dealers. If you have a problem with a business being dishonest with you give me a call. I’d love to set them straight.