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Unmasking the Truth: The Shocking Reality of Background Check Errors

Ever wondered what employers can find out about you through a background check? Brace yourself! From your personal history to credit records, employment background, and even criminal past – it’s all laid bare. But hold on, there’s a twist – background check companies are operating in the shadows with little to no regulation, and they’re handling your sensitive information.

You’d be stunned to learn that over 90% of employers conduct criminal history checks. These companies swiftly whip up a report when an employer or landlord orders one, leaving your details hanging in the balance.

While they may roam free without government oversight, they must play by the rules. Both background check companies and employers are obliged to abide by the Fair Credit Act, ensuring your information is handled and reported fairly.

However, don’t be fooled by their supposed expertise. Background checks often fall prey to pitfalls, with issues like:

  • Mistaken identity: Imagine being confused with someone who shares your name and birthday!
  • Incomplete or misleading information: Your story may not be fully told.
  • Expunged cases haunting you: Sealed cases that should be buried rear their ugly heads.
  • Misclassification of offenses: A misdemeanor can mistakenly be portrayed as a felony.

Hold on tight – the list of information these companies dig up is jaw-dropping. But the shocker doesn’t end there! Many flout the law by reporting outdated and irrelevant data, leading to unnecessary worries. All of which can cost you a job, an apartment, or other opportunity.

Remember, your permission is a must for an employer to pull your credit report. They usually sneak this into the forms you sign while applying for a job. And if they decide to put the brakes on your career dreams, they owe you a pre-adverse action letter. This letter grants you a chance to dispute the information and avert any adverse decisions. Plus, you have the right to snag a copy of your background check – it’s your data, after all.

If you’ve lost a golden opportunity due to false background check information, fret not – we’re here to unleash the truth! Reach out to us now, and let’s fight for your justice. Your future deserves nothing less!