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Coerced Debt

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Coerced Debt: Protecting Consumers from Abusive Partners

Coerced debt is a sinister tactic used by abusive partners to obtain credit in the victim’s name without consent. Its a serious problem that few people talk about. Texas has passed laws to address this issue and protect consumers.

Understanding effective consent is crucial – it means approval given without force, threat, or fraud. However, in abusive relationships, consent is often manipulated, leaving victims burdened with debts they never agreed to. The Texas law will benefit victims when they have not benefited from the transactions.

Proving innocence in such cases is challenging. If you’re a victim, follow these steps:

  1. File a Police Report
  2. Inform Credit Reporting Agencies
  3. Dispute Fraudulent Accounts
  4. Notify Creditors
  5. Establish Your Identity Theft Victim Status

Texas leads the way with laws that criminalize using someone’s identity without consent. Under Texas law you can obtain an order confirming your identity theft victim status. This order will help you remove coerced debt from your credit report.

If you’re facing coerced debt, seek legal assistance. Clanton Law Office is experienced in consumer protection law and ready to fight for your rights.

Take action against coerced debt today – visit Clanton Law Office for help and regain your financial freedom.