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Robo-calls & Texts

The law makes unwanted autodialed calls to your cellphone illegal. Most unwanted calls are scammers without resources or money to pursue. But not always. Some banks are known to use robodialers to collect money.

If you already gave permission for them to call then you can revoke that permission. Tell them “This is my cell phone. Please stop calling.” This is the best and easiest way to revoke their permission.

Why would a robodialer stop calling? Because of the penalties. If someone is using an autodialer to call your cell phone they are liable for $500 for each call. If you can show that they did this knowingly or willfully the can be liable for up to $1,500 per call. If the call you 100 times this can make for a lot of damages.

Robocalls are epidemic. Cell phones get unwanted calls constantly. Autodialed calls are one of top consumer complaints, year after year.

If you get these calls without your permission, then give us a call. We’d like to talk to you about how we can help.